About Us

Welcome to Drake's....

...the oldest established gay bar in Prague. Drakes has been in it’s current location since it opened in 1993..
As a bar and club where men can drink and play, we have a firmly established reputation for what we offer our visitors. Our Czech bar staff are friendly, informative and quite at ease speaking English.
We are open 24 hours non-stop! We do not close for any holidays…. 365 days a year we are open. After all… you never know when Mr. Right will turn up and even if he doesn’t…. a few Mr Wrongs can certainly help pass the time quite nicely! In Drakes there is plenty of private space to explore, either alone or with a new friend as you find out what is on offer both from the club AND your new friend!
Smoking is permitted throughout the club.
Drinks can be carried throughout the club.
The barmen are in underwear on Fridays and Saturday evenings from 21.00.
Internet access as well as Wifi are available.


Drakes can be found at: Zborovska 50, Smichov, Prague 5. Tel: +420 257 326 828
We are discreetly situated in a safe, central part of Prague on the west side of the river. To those that know Prague we are just across the river from the National Theatre and a short walk from the Charles Bridge. The nearest tram stop is Ujezd.
Daytime access is very easy using trams 9, 6, and 22 if you are crossing the river or trams 12 and 20 if you are already on this side. There are all night trams, 58 and 59, which run from around midnight until the daytime services start again.
The bar can organise a safe taxi to také you home should you wish us to.

There is an admission fee - these allow you to come and go as often as you wish during the period specified and give full access to every area of the club:
200 Kc   Valid for 24 hours
500 Kc   Valid for 4 days
800 Kc   Valid for 8 days

Entry is free to everybody between 14.00 and 17.00 on Saturday and Sunday.
Other promotional entry offers are made from time to time.
Entry is also free to those customers just wishing to pop in for a drink at the bar. Access to the play areas is not allowed without the purchase of a ticket.


The club is located on 2 floors:
The ground floor (180 m2) comprises a large bar selling the usual range of drinks as well as a selection of items that might be needed to ensure you have a safe and fun time if you want to use the other areas of the club. Additionally on the ground floor you can walk through to the cabin area where you can watch a huge range of gay porno films either in the privacy of a private cabin or share the experience with a friend. Some of the cabins are totally private, some have glory holes to the adjacent cabins. Each of the 16 channels is playing up to 40 different films. 2 private rooms are available with bed, toilet and shower should you really wish to be alone with a friend. Linen and towels are available from the barstaff. The toilets are located on this floor.
The basement floor (200 m2) has additional video cabins, seating areas, a labyrinth and some play areas with slings, cages, chains and a selection of benches, tables, stocks for you to enjoy with a friend. Lockers are available should you wish to securely save your clothes while roaming round the bar, either naked or wearing alternative clothes if you wish to change to suit your mood. Feel free to cruise around and participate in whatever is happening…or maybe just watch!





There is a stage in the main bar and another downstairs in the basement which are used by the guys who dance in Drakes. There is no extra charge for the shows.
Every week there are shows on Friday and Saturday starting around 22.00, with a minimum of 2 guys dancing and stripping.  The shows last for about 2 hours in total. The guys move between the 2 stages as well as dancing on the bar…please feel free to chat to them. They are here for your entertainment.
Additional shows are organized for Thursdays and Sundays at the same time  depending on the time of year.

Club Timings

  • 0:00 - 24:00

    Opening hours

  • Sat &Sun 14:00 - 17:00

    Free Entry

    Fri & Sat 22:00

    Stripping & Dancing Shows